Dear 16

If you had a chance to talk to your 10 years younger self, what would you say?
Dear 16 will jolt you back to nolstalgia❤️
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71 thoughts on “Dear 16

  1. Straight the point… Great video … No dulling 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  2. I watched this over and over again.. sound track was just so on point 😩
    I no mind waste mb oooo..
    make I go watch am again 😂😂😂😂

    1. Beautiful. Simple and inspiring. Maybe I should write a note to my future self 🤔 Happy birthday darling Esse ❤️ I’ll be here to famz you when you blow 🤣 and make you up too 🤪

    1. Amazing video!
      10 years ago, I wish I had taken more risks, misbehaved some more and been a miscreant🤣
      Happy Birthday girl! Love, light and lots of small chops!😘

  3. Brilliantly made and packed with a lot of emotions, you’ve come a long way staying strong and focused. Happy birthday and cheers to more years in good health, more accomplishments and of course more mula.

  4. This is so beautiful and nostalgic. 10 years ago, I was struggling. Look where we are now. This made me cry just remembering.

    This is very inspiring and I love the music too.
    Well done sis.

    1. Beautiful clip and very inspiring, gave me a new insight for a project. Happy Birthday love soar higher ❤

  5. I will surely tell my self not to spend recklessly the way I did back ! Because i made my first Million just 10 years and some months ago ! Now I know what I’ll have done with the money not spending it foolishly but then we are still alive and dong good not just a billionaire now but by his grace 10 years to this time I’ll surely be 💯. Happy birthday live long in good health plus my sure in-law

  6. Wow girl you indeed took me down memory lane and yes I had a few goosebumps reminiscing on where I was 10year ago…. you were one very strong, determination and ambitious person I met back in Uni… am glad you never gave up on your dreams, am super proud of the hardworking and intelligent lady you’ve become. Thumbs up on “dear 16” and congrats On higher heights you are yet to achieve

  7. Wow those words took me down memory lane ..have being anticipating the release and I must say i wasn’t disappointed ..well done

  8. Great work of art Shantell. Indeed it was thought provoking. It made me leave with goosebumps but most importantly with enough to think about. Life is a journey and every phase takes us closer to your destination. Thanks for this Shantell and I support your last words, ” We go surely blow”!

  9. Brilliant job!
    Thought provoking too.

    You have shown us the importance of evaluation. We evaluate our lives and use the things we learnt to become better.

    Thanks Shantell

  10. Wow unbelievably lovely. Short and concise. Dear 16, left me reflecting where I was 10 years ago and where I want to be 10 years from now.

  11. Comment Awesomeness Shantelle💐💐
    There’s a lot to be said but you gave it a really short feel… Nice ma’am

  12. Awesome. Happy birthday Chantelle you certainly took me back in time. What’s your handle let’s get a follow back

  13. They say revolution could not be captured…
    You proved them wrong…you did it…
    The concept is impeccable…
    You just proved the power of an endless life…

  14. Awwww I felt nostalgic indeed & you sure took me way back girl….Nice piece darling and well-done. Oh by way loved the music too.Way to go Shantell.Proud of you!!

  15. This is awesome & so beautifully made. And as we’ve come to know Shantell to be awesome and a force to reckon with. Happy birthday huni 😘😘

  16. This was actually emotional and lovely to watch! I can neither confirm nor deny that I shed a tear.
    Shantelle or Ese (like her mum calls her) is many things- crazy, annoying, annoying again… you get my drift, but she’s super talented and super hardworking. Her strength is admirable and her courage lionlike!
    I pray the next 10 will trump the last 10, and you’ll go on to do more amazing, meaningful, and purposeful work. Mazel tov

  17. Awwww, so touching. I love it a lot. You are so talented Shantelle. You will attain greater heights in Jesus name, Amen. God bless you.

  18. Beautiful video. Weldone Shantell. This made me shed some tears. God has been faithful to us.

  19. This short film makes me start to think of the next 10 years. It so inspiring. Thank you Shantell for this

  20. The world will know you so well in the next 10years , you won’t need to introduce yourself…#HaveBlown. Weddon gurl ..great work😎

  21. So straight to the point. Nice one Shantelle.
    Just started following you a few days ago on ig and I so love the energy around you.
    Much love from Cameroon ❤️

  22. Really great movie…I’ll probably go write a list of who I wanna be in 10 years☺️🙃

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