“You look beautiful.”

That is every woman’s favorite compliment. Mostly, it’s a re-assurance that she did something right with her overall look.

I don’t know about you, but an explosion goes off in my head when I hear that phrase. It’s not a self esteem thing; but more like

“Yass! The eyeshadow look I planned, is bringing the right result” or

“The dress and hair are a perfect combination!”

Think about this for a second- How you suddenly felt this light wave of joy when you saw someone in a nice tuxedo, beards clean and shoes so shiny, you caught your reflection.

I bet you let out a subconscious grin 😏

Or you see someone in a green dress and you tell yourself Silently,

“This girl killed this look😍

But you don’t verbally voice it out. Lol

Before choosing any outfit, ask yourself how you want people to feel when they see you in it. Do you want them to think

“Bold, sassy” or

“Sultry, confident” or maybe

“Classy, petite”

Regardless, remember that

The need to feel beautiful, is a natural instinct in the feminine mind. So be bold and go for the perfect impression. Wear your confidence like a perfume! Let your elegance ooze from your pores!

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